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Chick-fil-A’ s history of supporting anti-LGBTQ causes may simply have actually cost the junk food business the opportunity to open a franchise at Texas’ s San Antonio International Airport.

The San Antonio City Council voted 6-4 recently in favor of a concessions prepare designating brand-new dining establishments and organisations in the airport. Restaurants like Smoke Shack BBQ and Boss Wood Fired Bagels and Coffee were consisted of in the strategy, which was authorized March 21. And while a Chick-fil-A franchise was consisted of in earlier strategies, it was visibly missing from the last variation.

The Georgia-based junk food chain has actually long stired debate over its acknowledged financial backing of anti-LGBTQ companies, which at one point supposedly consisted of Exodus International and the Family Research Council. The independently owned business promised not to “ have a social or political program ” after its billionaire CEO, Dan Cathy, stired outrage and a boycott in 2012 when he openly decried same-sex marital relationship.

Obtained by ThinkProgress recently, Chick-fil-A’ s tax findings inform a various story. In 2017, the business contributed$9.9 million to charity, of which approximately $1.8 million went to groups understood to victimize LGBTQ individuals, according to the report.

In a declaration , San Antonio Councilman Roberto Trevi ñ o validated that Chick-fil-A ’ s ties to anti-LGBTQ companies were a consider the council ’ s choice to turn down the fast-food chain.

“ With this choice, the City Council declared the work our city has actually done to end up being a champ of equality and addition, ” Trevi ñ o stated . “ San Antonio is a city filled with empathy, and we do not have space in our public centers for an organisation with a tradition of anti-LGBTQ habits . ”

“ Everyone belongs here, and everybody ought to feel welcome when they stroll through our airport, ” he included .

Chick-fil-A spokesperson Leigh Jackson reacted to the news with a declaration provided to USA Today and a variety of other outlets . Trevi ñ o ’ s March 21 declaration “ was the very first we became aware of his movement and its approval by the San Antonio City Council, ” she composed.

“ We want we had the chance to clarify misperceptions about our business prior to the vote. We concur with the council member that everybody ought to feel welcome at Chick-fil-A, ” she continued. “ In reality, we have actually invited everybody in San Antonio into our 32 regional shops for more than 40 years. ”

Chick-fil-A, Jackson included , “ would invite the chance to have a thoughtful discussion with the city board, and we welcome all of them into our regional shops to engage with the more than 2,000 employee who are serving the individuals of San Antonio. ”



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