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This New Google Hotels Mobile Feature Will Make Planning Your Next Vacay So Easy


If you’ve ever booked a hotel before, you’ve most likely used Google’s Hotel search feature on your computer or mobile device. The feature allows users to apply certain filters for their hotel hunt and get results that match the exact price point, location, or vibe they’re looking for. But a new Google Hotels feature is allowing users to expand their vacation search to include vacation rentals, and this new Google Hotels mobile feature will make planning your next vacation so easy.

On March 26, 2019, Google Hotels introduced a mobile feature that lets people scan a variety of travel sites for vacation rental properties all over the world, opening up the possibilities for vacation lodging options. Here’s how it works: On your mobile device, type in google.com/hotels to be directed to Google’s hotel booking feature. A blue tab near the top of the screen should give you options like “Explore,” “Flights,” “Hotels,” “Packages,” and “Your Trips.” Select “Hotels” and type in your destination, dates, price range, and the amount of people on your vacay. After you’re finished with that, navigate to “More Filters.” That will bring you to a screen that will let you select the type of accommodation you’d like during your vacay — just tap “Vacation rentals” and the filter will be applied. Voila! It’s that easy.

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When you tap the “Vacation rentals” tab, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of amenities to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. Bringing kids or pets? Select the “Kid-friendly” or “Pet-friendly” amenity option from the filter drop-down. Want to party it up? You can opt for a hot tub, pool, or outdoor grill for all your summer vacay needs. Don’t want to miss a workout? Google Hotels will let you specify that you want the vacation rental to have a fitness center or gym.

To give you a variety of vacation rental options, Google teamed up with travel services like Expedia, HomeAway, Hotels.com, NextPax, RedAwning, Rentals United, TripAdvisor, and VRBO. When users scroll through the rental options grouped together through Google, they’ll see which travel service is linked to the offer and can book their stay directly through the website. So, instead of scouring all these sites individually, you’ll be able to compare vacation rental prices all in one place.


Though the Google Hotels vacation rental feature is only available on mobile for now, users will be able to use it on desktop within the next month, according to a Google blog post.

In the recent years, Google has worked toward simplifying travel for everyone: vacationers, commuters, and casual adventurers alike. Back in January 2019, the tech company introduced a new feature making driving a little easier and safer for everyone — speed limits on Google maps. Last fall, the company made it easier for a group of friends to get on the same page about their night-out plans with group planning on Google maps. Even Google Assistant got some recent travel-related updates letting users check their flights and book hotels with the voice-controlled AI.

With all of Google’s new travel features, getting around your city, country, or even the world has never been easier. Go forth and travel!

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