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Courtesy of Halo Top

These “Deals” For April Fools’ Day 2019 Will Make You Do A Double Take

It’s Monday, April 1, y’all, which means it’s time to mentally prepare yourself for all the shenanigans to commence in the name of April Fools’ Day. Several companies are taking advantage of the tongue-in-cheek holiday by gifting their customers with some eyebrow-raising new products, and it’s safe to say these deals for April Fools’ Day 2019 will make you do a double take. From ice cream face masks to sneakers that are marinated in wine, there’s something for every quirky shopper to check out this Monday afternoon.

There’s no shortage of delicious promotions going around, with the Cheesecake Factory teaming up with DoorDash to gift one lucky customer $25,000 and Burger King teasing the debut of its flame-grilled Impossible Burger. However, the April 1 pickings on the non-food front are also pretty incredible, according to a number of promotional emails that Elite Daily received.

If you’ve ever dreamed of straightening out your pupper’s snaggletooth with a dog-approved invisible aligner, getting your Redbox picks delivered straight to your door, or getting your downward dog on with the smell of freshly baked pretzels in the background, now’s the time to get on that.

Here are six deals for April Fools’ Day that you’ll definitely want to check out — and pass along to your crew.

Halo Top’s Ice Cream Face Masks

Halo Top, the purveyors of all things ice cream, are bringing their tasty flavors to the skincare industry, according to press materials sent to Elite Daily. Considering that your favorite pint boasts a myriad of benefits like stress-relief and the ability to make your tastebuds happy, it’s not surprising that the brand’s ice cream can now also give you a serious glow-up. With the help of exfoliating sprinkles and chocolate chips as well as the moisturizing properties of ice cream, Halo Top’s face masks in Birthday Cake, Mint Chip, and Strawberry are here to revitalize your complexion in the most delicious ways.

Depending on what skin issues you’re looking to tackle and what flavor’s your favorite, you’ll want to look through the brand’s online face mask shop to pick which option is best for you. Plus, when you buy a face mask, there’s a chance to win free pints of Halo Top. Glowing skin and a pint of your favorite ice cream, according to press materials. Count me in.

Auntie Anne’s Hot Yoga Studios

Courtesy of Auntie Anne’s

If the thought of consuming salty, deep-fried pretzels makes you want to get your sweat on, or vice-versa, you’ll be so here for Auntie Anne’s latest development. The chain is calling all yogis to work up an appetite by bringing hot yoga studios to its over 1,800 locations around the world, according to a press release. The attached studios will be heated by Auntie Anne’s ovens and will feature the scent of freshly baked pretzels to “foster a sense of calm.”

Heather Neary, president of Auntie Anne’s, said in a press release:

At Auntie Anne’s, we’re always innovating. From exciting new flavors chosen by our fans to Heart-Shaped Pretzels for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, we always try to surprise and further delight our guests. I’m personally thrilled about this new direction and know our guests will want to incorporate Auntie Anne’s Hot Yoga into their holistic lifestyles. I just finished a session myself and the best part was the freshly baked pretzel at the end!

So, if you want to scare away the Monday scaries by doing your sun salutations with the scent of some warm pretzels in the background, head to your nearest Auntie Anne’s to get your yoga on.

Redbox’s New Drone Service

Courtesy of Redbox

Redbox is making your movie nights even more hassle-free with Redbox Drops, its new drone service. Instead of driving to their closest Redbox location, customers can now get the full-size kiosk delivered right to their door, per press materials sent to Elite Daily – and it’s officially a great time to be alive.

To celebrate the launch of Redbox Drops, the company will be gifting new Redbox On Demand users with 25 percent off of their first On Demand rental on April 1, a Redbox rep told Elite Daily in an email. There’s never been a better excuse to have a relaxing Monday night in with your film of choice.

Virgin Voyages’s RockStar Jet Experience

Courtesy of Virgin

If you’re looking to travel in style the next time you’re on a cruise ship, you’ll want to check out Virgin Voyages’ updates to its RockStar Suites. Virgin Voyages, which offers cruises under the Virgin umbrella, is rolling out the red carpet with runway-ready experience for customers who stay in their RockStar Suites. Guests can now arrive on deck and depart via their own private runway, courtesy of a private jet transfer.

It’s the ultimate rock star experience, with the private jet transfers available for travelers departing from Atlanta, New York, and Dallas.

Smile Direct’s Invisible Aligner Deals For You & Your Pup

Courtesy of Smile Direct

If you’re looking to present your best smile to the world, there’s never been a better time to get in on the invisible aligner game. Smile Direct is upping the ante on April 1 with teeth straighteners that double as a Bluetooth device, meaning that you can listen to your favorite jams, take calls, and dictate your texts — all while straightening your smile.

Meanwhile, foodies will want to check out the brand’s tasty twist on your traditional aligner with flavored mouthpieces inspired by the tastes pizza, chicken and waffles, and cotton candy.

Air Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Sneakers

Jordan Vineyard & Winery on YouTube

Have you ever wanted to sport a pair of kicks that make your feet smell like fine wine? Well, now you can, thanks to Jordan Winery, per a press release sent to Elite Daily. The wine-infused kicks, officially dubbed the Air Jordan XV Retro 2015 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon Limited Edition, are basically the ultimate sneaker for winos with insoles that have been marinated in coq au vin for 12 months so that “your shoes always smell like a fine French restaurant.”

You know, just in case you needed that in your life.

The French Digitsole also comes with Vivino wine app integration so that you can always put your best foot forward when it comes to selecting your latest wine, according to the press release.

Only a few of these wine-infused kicks will be made, and they’ll be come boxed up in a small French oak wine barrel as the finishing touch.

By now, you might have gathered that no, these products aren’t real. But jokes aside, you can still take advantage of some very real deals and savings when you click through, so there’s no harm in checking out these gag products and maybe sending them on to your friends in the spirit of the holiday. Happy April Fools’!

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