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Colombo, Sri Lanka (CNN)One day after a destructive series of attacks on hotels and churches throughout Sri Lanka, another surge burnt out windows in the property street in main Colombo and knocked a gatekeeper off his feet.

Major concerns still stay over who performed Sunday’s attacks and why. Federal government finger-pointing and discoveries about how much some authorities understood in advance have actually used little peace of mind for a surprised public.

Tension in between president and prime minister

    “It reveals some counter elegance, they needed to learn more about these things, I do not believe there’s an absence of ability,” she stated.

        “There was a memo that was not taken note of, that can take place at any Western federal government and it has, that’s how federal governments work. They’re administrative, partisan, ‘ought to we act upon this or not,'” she stated. “Meanwhile the terrorists blow things up.”
        As the nation continues to battle with what occurred, the worry is that departments within the federal government and individuals might expand into divides that threaten the nation’s extremely won peace.

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