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It appears like films produced by Netflix and other streaming services will have the ability to complete for next year’s Academy Awards with no modifications to eligibility.

After the Netflix Original movie “Roma” was chosen for Best Picture at this year’s event and eventually took house the awards for Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Cinematography , the Academy’s Board of Directors was mulling possible guideline modifications.

The essence of the dispute appears to be Netflix’s theatrical technique. The business firmly insisted for several years that it wanted to launch its motion pictures in theaters, however it would not hold those titles back from the streaming service, which suggested that a lot of big chains hesitated to evaluate them. Netflix lastly relieved up on this practice in 2015, with “ Roma” (and a handful of other movies) opening in theaters prior to they released on Netflix , however with a much shorter theatrical window than is conventional.

Director Steven Spielberg was supposedly a supporter for altering the guidelines in a manner that would have made it harder for Netflix motion pictures to complete — possibly by needing that movies play solely in theaters for 4 weeks.

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice weighed in , sending out a letter to the Academy specifying that if it makes eligibility modifications that “remove competitors without procompetitive validation, such conduct might raise antitrust issues.”

Netflix protects its effect on the motion picture service ahead of Oscars dispute

Now the Academy has actually put out a news release summing up guidelines modifications voted on by its Board of Governors (like relabeling the Foreign Language Film award to International Feature Film).

The release keeps in mind that the board voted not to alter Rule Two, Eligibility, which explains the theatrical run required to be qualified for an Oscar. It states that “a movie should have a minimum seven-day theatrical run in a Los Angeles County business theater, with a minimum of 3 screenings daily for paid admission” in order to be qualified — however the movie can likewise be launched on “nontheatrical media” at the very same time.

“ We support the theatrical experience as important to the art of movie, and this weighed greatly in our conversations, ” stated Academy President John Bailey in a declaration. “ Our guidelines presently need theatrical exhibit, and likewise permit a broad choice of movies to be sent for Oscars factor to consider. We prepare to more research study the extensive modifications happening in our market and continue conversations with our members about these problems.”

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