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May 31, 2019

Welcome to our last program of the season! We’re describing why another election is ahead for Israel, and we’re checking out what’s being called a “Cold War in Tech.” Included: history including tulips and speculative financial investments.
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1. What global concern was the most significant consider the choice of British Prime Minister Theresa May to reveal her resignation?
2. What U.S. vacation has its roots in a Civil War observance in which Americans would embellish the tombs of their enjoyed ones who had passed away in fight?
3. Bad weather condition, overcrowding, and unskilled climbers are 3 factors mentioned for an especially lethal season at what place?
4. Call 2 of the 6 U.S. states discussed in Wednesday’s program that have actually been affected by violent weather condition in current weeks.
5. Call the worldwide police that was established in 1923 and grew to end up being the biggest company of its kind with 194 member nations.
6. What country is house to more African elephants than any other nation on the African continent?
7. The nation called in concern 6 just recently altered its 5-year-old law that prohibited what activity?
8. Thursday’s program on innovation and availability included a sector about a Scewo-brand wheelchair developed to do what?
9. Call the prime minister of Israel, who just recently required another election after he was not able to form a union federal government.
10. The so-called “Cold War in Tech” explained on Friday’s program centers on a trade conflict in between what 2 countries?
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