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Some dont have tickets and many are paying a fortune, but fans are revelling in the buildup to the Champions League final

This might not happen in our lifetimes again

Spurs fans Joe Ogunmokun and Tom Lacey en route to Madrid.

I stayed up until 5am the morning after the semi-final against Ajax, creating a Google doc of all the different permutations of flights. Fortuitously, I stumbled across London to Cologne to Berlin to Madrid for a grand total of 88.59, albeit an 18-hour trip. Im travelling with my mate and work colleague Tom and we have been walking round the office on cloud nine. That will probably last until an hour before the game, at which point well be a shell of ourselves.

We know this might not happen in our lifetimes again though in Poch we trust so, even though we dont have tickets, being there for the atmosphere alone will be very special. We knew we had to be quick to get reasonable prices for flights and accommodation; we love Spurs but werent looking to remortgage. We had a very lucky run with flights and Airbnb apartments and are paying just under 400 all-in for three nights in Madrid which, considering the prices being thrown now, seems an absolute bargain.

Im a Spurs fan because of a friend I met at school. When I was a five-year-old kid growing up in Muswell Hill in north London, there was a boy in my class who could do five kick-ups. He was a Tottenham fan so I decided he was my new best mate and I was going to support them too. He took me to my first game for his birthday against Newcastle at the Lane. We lost 2-1, but I was wearing a full kit and all the blokes called me Ruel Fox so I had an amazing day despite the result. Joe Ogunmokun, London

Its the most exciting, terrifying, amazing feeling

Spurs fans Flo, Hilary, Jack and Rebecca en route to Madrid.

Its the most exciting, terrifying, amazing feeling to be in the Champions League final. Its the most important game Ill ever have watched. I saw us win the Uefa Cup at White Hart Lane in 1984 but but nothing is as big as this one. My son, Seth and I went to a Tottenham pub in Crouch End to watch us beat Chelsea in the League Cup final in 2008, which was amazing, but thats the only trophy he has seen us win in his whole life. And that was more than 10 years ago.

As season ticket holders we hoped to get tickets, but there are limited numbers available for us real fans. We provide the unbelievable passion, noise and atmosphere that inspired our team to victory but the stadium will be filled with corporates and officials instead. Its tragic.

If we win, this it will be the greatest night in my Spurs life! We love this team and have supported them through thick and thin, through years of losing north London bragging rights to Arsenal and suffering freezing nights in November watching our team throw away leads and play rubbish football. But we knew it would get better, we knew the right manager would come along, we believed that our time would come. We are so close to that glory it hurts. Hilary Cross, London

There have been so many emotions this year

Spurs fan David Misselbrook is flying from New Zealand.

I emigrated to New Zealand when I was 12. My parents were both Spurs fans and saw them win the Double in 1961. They saw all the games then. Spurs havent had a lot to shout about in recent years, so this this feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I had originally booked a ticket to watch Englands game in the Nations League in Porto but I changed the ticket after Spurs beat Ajax.

Following Spurs from afar creates a different kind of passion. As there are fewer like- minded people you have to dig it in to create and maintain the passion. I miss the match day build up travel, few beers and that magical white Hart Lane atmosphere. Getting up at 3 am is sometimes a lonely to watch, but it has to be done. Thats why when this once in a lifetime opportunity arises, like the players will do, you have to grab it with both hands.

There have been so many emotions in the Champions League this year: the poor start, the lucky escape from the group and then those magical games against City in the quarter-finals and Ajax in the semis. That City game was a rollercoaster of love, with a sweet outcome. My mate Keith had heart monitor on when we watched the game and his heart raced to 200 beats per minute. Thats football, said Keith. No matter where you live, its in your blood.

When we made it through, there was no question about whether I was going. I was off to Madrid. I flew from Auckland to Munich on Thursday, then on to Porto and am then taking a train to Lisbon and then an overnight train to Madrid. I arrive at 10am on Saturday morning. The excitement is building. David Misselbrook, New Zealand

Spurs fans gather in Madrid. Photograph: Tottenham Hotspur via Getty

Even if we lose it will still be a lot of fun

Calum and Ewan Mackenzie at Fulham v Liverpool in 2013.

I won tickets for the youth package through the ballot. I enter every year, but have never got them before. Im a Liverpool fan but I wanted to go to the final whoever was playing. When I found out we had tickets at start of April before the quarter-finals I booked flights and a hotel. Even then the flights werent cheap but I got a deal on accommodation.

My wife said I couldnt take my son out school, so we fly from Edinburgh to Madrid at 6am on Saturday morning and then return on Sunday afternoon. I checked every option via London, going to Barcelona and so on but this was the cheapest route. The youth package seems the only fair deal for fans: two category two tickets for 70 each! Return flights were about 700, but I managed to get a hotel room for 30!

Ive bought my son Calum a new Liverpool top too and hes excited about the trip: I enjoy supporting Liverpool with my dad because he lets me stay up a lot later than my mum would to watch games. When we lose it isnt as bad because we both support Liverpool. This season has been very exciting but a bit disappointing at the end of the season because we came second by one point. I am very excited for Saturday but not looking forward to waking up at three oclock in the morning to catch the plane. If we win it will be an amazing experience but even if we lose it will still be a lot of fun. Ewan and Calum Mackenzie

Were feeling confident but not over-confident

The Robinson family Jack, Phil, Owen, Paul and Peter are taking the ferry and driving to Madrid.

I come from generations of Liverpool supporters. My granddad took me to my first game when I was 10 years old. I remember queuing up outside Anfield on his shoulder. It was the Liverpool v Leicester game in 1973 and we were standing at the Anfield Road end. I watched them win the league and saw the trophy. It was electric.

Our support for the club is unwavering. It doesnt matter whether theyre good or bad, we turn to every game always thinking theyre going to win. I go with my two brothers, Peter and Philip. My brother Philip and I were at Heysel and all three of us were at Hillsborough. We werent behind the goal, we were in the stands at the side, so we watched it all unfold in front of us. It was a horrible thing to witness but I think that has made the club stronger, the fans stronger and the community stronger.

People from Liverpool now think no one can beat us. We stick together. We have this bond with the team and I dont think its like that anywhere else in the country. Were unwavering; were all the same right through the fanbase.

Jrgen Klopp is a perfect match for the club. Hes one of us. No matter what happens on Saturday, even if we dont win, none of us will think its his fault. Our support for him is unwavering. Hes getting the same feeling off the fans that Kenny gets. Obviously Dalglish is a legend but, even though Klopp hasnt won anything, we see improvement every year and the team gets better and better.

As for the Champions League, I think everyone else in Europe is scared of Liverpool. The team and fans have an aura about them. When we go away in Europe, we party before the game as if were going to win. Thats not over confidence; thats us showing support for the club. Were helping the team and, of course, were enjoying ourselves at the same time.

When we played Bara in the semi-finals, the win wasnt a big shock for me. It was a brilliant game, up there with the best Ive been to, but Ive never seen better than Istanbul. For the final on Saturday, were feeling confident but not over-confident. None of our group have tickets yet, but well stay in Madrid and enjoy the atmosphere. Its enough being here with my brothers, my son and my nephew enjoying the day. Paul Robinson, Liverpool

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