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Mexico City (CNN)Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez verifies he was examined by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, according to a declaration launched by his federal government on Thursday.

The examination started in 2013. It is unclear whether it is still open.
Parts of the prosecution’s case have actually been numerous however redacted of the information were acquired through discussions with a witness complying in the event, the files state. Called CW-1, the witness is dealing with authorities in exchange for “leniency at sentencing.”

    The submitted files existed as part of the pretrial movements when it comes to President Hernandez’s bro, Antonio Hernandez Alvarado.

    Hernandez Alvarado, likewise referred to as “Tony Hernandez” was jailed in Miami in November 2018 on charges of trafficking drug , weapons offenses and making incorrect declarations, according to the United States Justice Department. If discovered guilty, he is being prosecuted in New York and deals with an optimum of life in jail. Hernandez Alvarado has actually rejected the accusations and his trial is set to start September.
    The Honduran federal government’s declaration stated the United States Department of Justice had actually “discovered no proof to sustain the allegations versus the president and his partners.”
    The declaration goes on to describe how the Honduran federal government has actually carried out “methods” to combat the mob and drug cartels, the primary concerns pestering the impoverished country.
        “Today Honduras has actually transformed its hostile area for narcotrafficking, to the degree that the International Central Maritime Against Drug Trafficking in Colombia moved Honduras’s position from 1 to 12 as a nation getting drugs that take a trip to the United States customer market.”
        CNN connected to the DEA who referred any ask for details to the Southern District’s workplace. CNN likewise connected to district, who decreased to discuss the examination’s status.

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