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On Sunday night, John Oliver committed the opening part of his HBO series Last Week Tonight to very first son-in-law Jared Kushner, “a male who continuously appears like he was simply reset to factory settings.”

Oliver, who has actually made it a routine of torching Mr. Ivanka– as soon as announcing that his father-in-law has more sexual chemistry with Ivanka than he does– continued to penetrate Kushner’s conference today with Benjamin Netanyahu, in which the squeaky-voiced real-estate successor provided the embattled Israeli prime minister with a map of Israel that consisted of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Wow. All else aside, a map is a shitty present– and getting it from Jared Kushner is the shittest method to get it. It would resemble if you got an arrangement of dead fish from your birthday, provided by Matt Lauer,” split Oliver.

“But a lot more notably, that map is a big symbolic gesture,” he continued. “The Golan Heights is a location that essentially the whole worldwide neighborhood thinks about occupied Syrian area, so it’s a willfully intriguing relocation with an ending up touch that is pure Trump.”

The comic then explained how Trump composed an arrow on the map indicating it, accompanied by the word: “Nice.”

Holy shit,” Oliver exclaimed. “I think the only truly unexpected thing there is that Trump plainly spelled ‘noice’ incorrect. Since it’s n-o-i-c-e. Any of this year’s 8 Spelling Bee co-champions might have informed you that.”

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