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Filmmaker and conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone has actually made obvious of his affection for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and now he has actually taken it to an entire brand-new level by attempting to make him his 22-year-old child’s godfather.

“Does she wish to end up being an Orthodox Christian?” Putin asked when Stone drifted the concept throughout a sit-down in the Kremlin.

“We’ll make her that [Orthodox],” Stone responded, according to a records of the interview put out by the Kremlin Friday.

Putin appeared to twitch his escape of the proposition (“You need to ask her,” he stated) prior to Stone went on to grumble about “American culture,” taking specific concern with what he referred to as a concentrate on gender identity and individuals identifying themselves as “transgender” and “cisgender.”

Stone rapidly guided the discussion towards a questionable 2013 Russian law prohibiting “homosexual propaganda” amongst minors, a law which professionals state has actually triggered a rise of homophobic violence in the nation.

“It appears like perhaps that’s a practical law,” Stone stated.

The interview, records of which were launched Friday, happened in mid-June, quickly prior to Stone revealed the upcoming best of his brand-new documentary Revealing Ukraine, which claims to “examine” the “continuous Ukrainian crisis” however appears rather to function as a marketing area for pro-Russian Ukrainian political leader and Putin ally Viktor Medvedchuk.

The “documentary” has actually been hyped up by Russian state media, where it premiered on Friday. It was likewise due to air on Ukraine’s 112 TELEVISION channel, which Medvedchuk supposedly took control of late in 2015, however the station stated it was required to cancel the broadcast after demonstrations.

Stone has actually declared his dabblings in Ukraine provide audiences a brand-new point of view on the 2014 Maidan transformation and war in Donbass that he states “Western media has actually mostly overlooked,” however that “viewpoint” has actually relied entirely on claims fed to him by pro-Russia political leaders, Putin allies, and Putin himself.

In his sit-down with the Russian president, Stone dithered in between spouting off typical Kremlin propaganda on Ukraine and fawning over Putin as a “peacemaker.”

After echoing the Kremlin conspiracy theory that the pro-Russian leaders in Kyiv implicated of assassinating innocent protesters in the 2014 transformation were really framed in some huge conspiracy that might or might not have actually included previous U.S. President Barack Obama, which Ukraine, not Russia was to blame for disturbance in the 2016 U.S. governmental election, Stone revealed issues about Putin’s psychological wellness.

“You sound extremely depressed, a lot more depressed than last time,” he stated, later on including, “I am extremely concerned about you.”

The 2 ended the interview by taking a parting image together.

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