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University of Arizona Lieutenant David Caballero will always remember the day he opened his computer system to discover an e-mail from previous trainee Jillian Corsie being in his inbox.

“ It was October 28, 2015, ” Caballero informed HuffPost recently. “ I ’ ll always remember that date.”

The veteran police had actually simply taken a seat at his desk and started erasing the scrap folder in his inbox when he stumbled upon something that captured his eye. It was an e-mail from a female he had actually crossed courses with more than a years back. He didn’ t remember her, she remembered him.

“ I ’ ve brought your card around in my wallet because the night we satisfied, ” Corsie composed. “ Ten years ago this month you interviewed me about a rape I experienced on school. After a awful and humiliating interview for me, the [University of Arizona Police Department] considered my experience ‘consensual. ’ ”

Corsie informed HuffPost that she was raped in 2005 by a male schoolmate in her dormitory throughout the very first month of college. Many of them were extremely unsupportive when she turned to her buddies for assistance. Her partner didn’ t think her and believed she had actually just cheated on him. Corsie later on went to regional authorities for assistance, however they informed her “ not to blend alcohol and appeal, ” she stated. The 2 patrol managers on responsibility that day, Caballero and another officer, concluded in their report that “ a sexual attack did not take place.”

Caballero stated he was stunned by Corsie’ s e-mail and the reaction he had actually provided her that day 10 years back. He right away got the phone and called her.

That interaction triggered Corsie and co-director Amy Rosner to produce their brief movie, appropriately entitled “ Second Assault, ” which HuffPost is solely premiering below. “ Second Assault ” is a documentary-style movie that follows Corsie as she challenges individuals who failed her after she reported her rape in 2005.

“ The movie has to do with my journey to challenge a system that failed me, and likewise to challenge the culture that we reside in — and how that supports this concept of a 2nd attack, which isn’ t always simply what occurs when you report, however likewise what takes place when your sweethearts and good friends and individuals around you put on’ t think you, ” Corsie informed HuffPost in 2017 when she and Rosner were still crowdfunding.

Second Assault
David Caballero and Jillian Corsie fulfill face to face for the very first time.

In the movie, Corsie challenges Caballero in person and informs him about their interaction 10 years prior. Caballero, for his part, is truthful and open about his points and errors to an absence of trauma-informed training as a factor for his insensitive reaction.

“ Having that discussion with him simply permitted me to let go of all of the anger that I had actually been holding versus him for more years, ” Corsie informed HuffPost recently. “ To have him without concern, without conference me, without understanding my intention appear and put himself on video camera is a big danger on his part. And I’ m truly grateful for what he did and what he continues to do.”

Caballero was so taken by Corsie’ s letter that he shared her e-mail with his whole group, informing HuffPost he wished to ensure his officers “ comprehended that their words matter.”

“ Whatever I did, whatever I stated at that time required to be remedied. It required to be performed in a method where I required to take complete duty for the action that we provided her at that time, ” Caballero stated, including that, at the time, they thought they were reacting properly with the training they had actually been provided.

“ Second Assault, ” which premiered at several celebrations in 2015, has actually won a number of awards, consisting of Best Director at the Global Impact Film Festival and Audience Choice Award at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival.

Rosner and Corsie hope the movie begins a much-needed discussion about how the criminal justice system, and society as an entire, reacts to sexual attack survivors.

“ This discussion alone has actually had a causal sequence in both Jillian and David’ s lives, and I believe, if possible, we require to have these discussions more freely, ” Rosner stated.

These days, when Caballero takes a seat at his desk, he’ s welcomed byCorsie ’ s letter, which is framed and hung up on his wall.

“ Every day, ” he stated, “ I take a look at Jillian ’ s letter and it advises me words matter. ”

See the special best of “ Second Assault ” listed below.



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