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Plan outfits carefully, stack things up Tetris-style and wear your bulkiest clothes on the plane

Roll, dont fold, when packing clothes in a suitcase. Folding creases your clothes and takes up more room, whereas rolling compacts them and also makes them easier to fit into tight spots in your case. You can pile things up like a game of Tetris.

When it comes to bulkier items such as jumpers, it is better to fold, but try to wear your larger items if you are flying. Not only does this save space, but planes are always colder than you expect, especially if you are sat by the window.

When choosing outfits, lay your clothes out on the bed and see which can mix and match. Try to keep to three pairs of shoes: a comfy pair for walking around, a nice pair that is suitable for going out for dinner, and a holiday-specific pair such as flip-flops or hiking boots.

Remember to pack a plug adaptor and spare medication such as painkillers, because you never know whether they will be easily available in the country you are flying to. Swap liquid toiletries for soap and shampoo bars not only will it save you time stressing about 100ml restrictions, but they are often more environmentally friendly.

A hard suitcase is sleeker and more compact, but if you are an overpacker it could be better to use a soft one. They have more give if you are struggling to fit everything in, and you can get one with a zip extender if you need to make room for souvenirs. However, make sure they dont extend more than the cabin allowance on your airline, as this can lead to a fee and your bag getting put in the hold.

Maria Theresa Hart is the executive editor of expert packing siteWhat to Pack. As told to Anna Michaux

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