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(CNN)Exposure to the huge cloud of toxic substances, dust and particles that arised from the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 has actually been connected to an increased danger of heart disease amongst first-responder firemens, according to a brand-new research study.

The research study, released in the medical journal JAMA Network Open on Friday, discovered that both repetitive and instant direct exposures to the dust throughout the months of clean-up following the attack was connected with raised heart disease danger that lasted for approximately 16 years.
Among the firemens in the research study, “the ones with the best direct exposure– those present in the early morning of 9/11– had a greater threat than those who appeared later on in the week,” stated Dr. David Prezant, primary medical officer for the Fire Department of the City of New York and a teacher at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine , who was senior author of the brand-new research study.

    “We can not show causality in a research study of a little less than 10,000 individuals and we do not have a control group of unexposed. We have a control group of lower exposed,” Prezant stated. “To take this research study to the next level, we would need to compare it to a friend of unexposed firemens and after that a mate of the basic population that are not firemens.”
    The brand-new research study signs up with numerous others that have actually discovered an association in between firemens reacting to the World Trade Center catastrophe and raised health dangers.
    Previous research studies have actually revealed a link in between direct exposure to carcinogens and other contaminants in the dust from the World Trade Center wreckage and an increased threat of some cancers amongst individuals who operated at the website, consisting of firemens .

    Remembering lives lost

    On Thursday, the Fire Department of the City of New York revealed that it will include the names of 22 members who passed away of health problems associated with their operate in rescue and healing efforts at the World Trade Center to the FDNY World Trade Center Memorial Wall. More than 200 members have actually passed away of World Trade Center-related health problems, according to the department.

    “This solemn wall is a long-term and poignant suggestion of the sacrifice of all that reacted on September 11th and worked for weeks and months at the World Trade Center looking for the innocent lives taken that day,” Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro stated in a composed declaration .
    “Because of their commitment and bravery, each year the currently incredible loss suffered by the FDNY continues to grow as diseases declared the lives of those who so fearlessly served our city.”
    The brand-new research study happens a month after President Donald Trump signed into law an act that licenses the extension of the country’s 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund .
    The fund was set to end in 2020. The freshly signed legislation, promoted by comic Jon Stewart , guarantees settlement for victims through 2090.
    The extension of the fund will guarantee settlement for individuals hurt throughout the 2001 terrorist attacks or the rescue and clean-up efforts that happened in the instant after-effects of the attack under harmful conditions.
      Watch Jon Stewart’s response to 9/11 expense passing

    Injuries eligible for payment consist of specific health conditions such as persistent breathing condition, asthma, persistent laryngitis and specific kinds of cancer .
    Over time, the Victim Compensation Fund might “think about whether heart disease and other illness that we’ve determined, such as autoimmune illness, must be contributed to the list of covered conditions,” Prezant stated. “But that is a concern for the future.”

    ‘Air contamination has actually long been understood to be a significant cardiovascular threat aspect’

    There are a couple of descriptions regarding why direct exposure to the World Trade Center attack might be connected with an increased danger of heart disease in the long term, stated Dr. Leonardo Trasande, teacher and director of the Division of Environmental Pediatrics at the New York University School of Medicine , who was not associated with the brand-new research study.
    “One is that air contamination has actually long been understood to be a significant cardiovascular danger element. It’s a significant factor to the international concern of illness after all, not simply in extremely exposed firemens,” Trasande stated.
    “Second, the catastrophe produced a plume of poisonous chemicals, the similarity which are not in your regular air contamination,” he stated. “Then there’s the tension that’s popular amongst individuals who were exposed to the World Trade Center catastrophe, particularly responders like firemens who are put in damage’s method regularly to conserve lives. There are 3 paths by which the findings explained here sadly were possible.”

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    Exposure to the plume of dust and contaminants from the 9/11 attack likewise can be connected to unusual cholesterol levels in kids who were going or living to school near the World Trade Center at the time, according to a different research study led by Trasande and released in the journal Environment International in 2017. High cholesterol is a danger element of heart problem.
        “The great news exists are actions that individuals can require to avoid and lower cardiovascular danger moving forward, even if they’ve had actually significantly increased danger,” Trasande stated.
        “Healthy diet plan and exercise are still crucial counter weapons in the battle versus heart disease,” he stated. The brand-new research study “strengthens the requirement for healthy diet plan and exercise in addition to continuous medical tracking.”

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