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Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that Israeli authorities “ played ” Donald Trump throughout talks, utilizing “ false information ” to control the president. He cautioned that a “ healthy quantity of suspicion ” is required when handling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu .

“ They did that with the president on a number of celebrations, to convince him that ‘ we ’ re the heros, they ’ re the bad people, ’ ” Tillerson stated at a panel conversation Tuesday at Harvard University .

“ We later on exposed it to the president so he comprehended: ‘ You ’ ve been played, ’ ” Tillerson included. “ It troubles me that an ally that ’ s that close and crucial to us would do that to us. ”

Tillerson did not information particular scenarios when he thought the president was “ played. ”

In “ handling Bibi, it ’ s constantlyhelpful to bring a healthy quantity of hesitation in your conversations with him, ” stated Tillerson, who was fired by Trump by means of tweet in 2015. He explained Netanyahu as “ an extremely knowledgeable ” political leader and diplomat, however likewise called him “ a bit Machiavellian. ”

Tillerson stated he supported a two-state option including Palestinians, which Netanyahu opposes.

“ I did think that we were at a minute in time where possibly we might chart a method where the Arab world might support a result that the Palestinians may not believe was ideal … however with sufficient motivation, pressure from the Arab world, that we might get it close enough that the Palestinians would lastly concur, ” he stated. “ In my view, it was a two-state option. ”

But Tillerson stated his strategies were warded off when Trump put his son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of preparing a Middle East peace strategy.

Netanyahu ’ s workplace tweeted in reaction to Tillerson ’ s discoveries that Israel “ is the hero. ”

Netanyahu ’ s future doubts after competing Benny Gantz stated triumph on Thursday, following close parliamentary election leads to Israel.

Tillerson likewise weighed in on the attack of Saudi Arabian oil centers last weekend, stating, “ I believe we ’ re going to discover Iran ’ s finger prints on this attack, however we might not discover their hands on it. ”

He warned that Iran ’ s participation will be hard to show,and stated that the U.S. must take its case to the United Nations Security Council to create a worldwide union of sanctions, instead of enforcing unilateral charges, which, he stated, Iran can deal with.

Tillerson likewise described his extremely un-Trump-like view of negotiating: “ Every effective settlement is specified as both celebrations entrusting to an appropriate result. If you ever think of a settlement as a win/lose, you ’ re going to have a horrible experience, you ’ re going to be extremely discontented, and not many individuals are going to wish to handle you. ”



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