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A U.S. Customs and Border Protection main apparently declined to enable a press reporter through customizeds on Thursday unless he addressed the duplicated concern “You compose propaganda, right?” in the affirmative, a minimum of the 3rd such event including harassment of a reporter by a passport authorities this year.

Ben Watson, a news editor at Defense One, was going back to the United States from a reporting project in Denmark when a USCBP authorities, after asking whether Watson was bring any undeclared foods, explored his occupation. When Watson reacted that he operated in journalism, the main started consistently pestering him into “confessing” that he composes propaganda, Watson composed of his experience .

“So you compose propaganda, right?” Watson remembered the main asking, a concern presented a minimum of 4 times prior to the passport officer returned Watson’s passport and enabled him to get in the nation.

Watson, who covers nationwide security and homeland security, ultimately informed the authorities that the closest he concerned composing propaganda was throughout his time as a public affairs officer for the U.S. Army. The authorities was, obviously, unamused. Watson lastly informed the officer that he composed propaganda, “for the functions of accelerating this discussion,” prior to being asked the concern one more time.

“I’ve truthfully never ever had a human effort to provoke me like this prior to in my life,” Watson informed his coworkers after the event. “This habits is absolutely typical now, I think?”

In action to concerns from The Daily Beast about the event, a CBP representative stated that the firm knows Watson’s accusations and is examining the occurrence.

“We hold our workers responsible to our core worths of service, stability and alertness to nation, and do not endure unsuitable remarks or habits by our workers,” the representative stated, including that tourists can ask to speak to a manager to resolve issues they have.

Harassment of non-citizen press reporters on visas by USCBP authorities calling them “phony news” has actually been a relentless problem within the firm. In February, BuzzFeed News press reporter David Mack, an Australian resident, got an individual apology from then-USCBP Assistant Commissioner for Public Affairs Andrew Meehan, after Mack was questioned at John F. Kennedy International Airport for 10 minutes about the outlet’s protection of Michael Cohen and the unique counsel examination into President Donald Trump.

“The migration representative at JFK simply saw that I work for BuzzFeed and simply grilled me for 10 minutes about the Cohen story, which was enjoyable provided he gets to choose whether to let me back into the nation,” Mack tweeted at the time. (Disclosure: Mack is an individual pal of this press reporter.)

British reporter James Dyer, who blogs about popular culture, tweeted in August that he was bugged as “phony news” by a USCBP authorities upon getting to Los Angeles International Airport.

“He needed to know if I ‘d ever worked for CNN or MSNBC or other outlets that are ‘spreading out lies to the American individuals,'” Dyer stated at the time, including that he was just release “after I stated that I was simply here to blog about Star Wars, and would keep the phony news about that to a bare minimum.”

After Watson shared his story on Friday, TIME Washington Correspondent Vera Bergengruen shared a comparable story.

“This has actually occurred to me returning into the nation too, in 2015,” Bergengruen stated. “A quite aggressive questioning about who I worked for and ‘phony news.'”

After Dyer’s experience, a USCBP representative informed The Daily Beast that “unappropriated remarks or habits are not endured, and do not show our worths of caution, professionalism and stability.”

After the occurrence with Mack in February, USCBP stated that the officer’s remarks “do not show CBP’s dedication to stability and professionalism of its labor force,” and pledged to right away evaluate the occasion.

“I hope– I can just hope that you treat this occurrence as incidental,” stated Meehan. “It does not show the company, and definitely not the professionalism that its officers make every effort to keep.”

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