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NASA and its business astronaut program partners are laser-focused on getting team into area. To get to area you initially have to get to the rocket, and that’s where the Airstream Astrovan II comes in. This car, which is the follow up to the initial Astrovan that brought America’s astronauts to the launch pad in the days of the Shuttle Program, includes contemporary updates, and is heading directly from being on display screen at the International Astronautical Congress in Washington to Cape Canaveral to prepare for Boeing’s very first CST-100 Starliner team launch next year.

I got a possibility to have a look at the Astrovan II face to face, however the Airstream personnel on website had actually cordoned off the door to the van. When I asked if I might enter, they discussed it was off limitations to participants for great factor, as this is actually the van that will be utilized by NASA’s business team astronauts throughout the very first launches next year.

The initial Astrovan had that signature Airstream “silver bullet” appearance, as you can see in the picture listed below. The upgraded variation looks more like your basic business shuttle bus van however what it does not have in outside styling, it offsets in interior animal conveniences.


The beyond the Astrovan II has a full-wrap, which flaunts Boeing’s CST-100 Starline pill, the spacecraft that Boeing is establishing for NASA as part of its business team program (in addition to 2nd provider SpaceX, which is at the same time preparing its Crew Dragon pill for service).

The Astrovan II holds up to 8 travelers (take on flight fits) and is a custom-made variation of the Airstream Atlas Touring Coach that was hand-built in Jackson Center, Ohio. As you can see, they selected a minimalist, sci-fi stainless-steel search the within, with big, comfy-looking chairs that need to offer a smooth trip prior to the substantially rockier one the team will experience strapped to an enormous, effective rocket en path to the International Space Station.

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