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Mondays top story: source who sparked impeachment inquiry will not testify in public. Plus, how Eva Longoria became a Hollywood force to be reckoned with

Good morning, Im Tim Walker with todays essential stories.

Giuliani associate warned Ukraine of quid pro quo demand

The whistleblower whose concerns over a call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president sparked the impeachment inquiry will not testify in public despite Republican demands, the Democrats have announced. Also in impeachment news: Lev Parnas, the Soviet-born American and Rudy Giuliani associate arrested last month for campaign finance violations, has said he travelled to Ukraine to warn its government that US aid would be frozen unless they announced an investigation into the Bidens.

Don Jr walks out of book event after heckling by MAGA fans

A Trump supporter holds a copy of Donald Trump Jrs book amid protests and counter-protests at the event on the UCLA campus. Photograph: tienne Laurent/EPA

The presidents eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, walked out of his own book tour event at the UCLA campus on Sunday after being heckled by his fathers supporters for refusing to take part in a Q&A session. Trump and his girlfriend, the former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, were appearing at the liberal Los Angeles college to promote his book Triggered: How The Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. But it was the noisy intervention of rightwing MAGA fans that ultimately forced them to flee the stage.

  • Sound bites. Amid chants of Q and A! Q and A! Trump tried to argue that taking questions from the floor risked creating soundbites that the left would abuse and distort, but to no avail.

Morales resigns after dispute over Bolivia election result

Bolivians in the countrys capital, La Paz, celebrate Moraless resignation after almost 14 years in power. Photograph: Juan Carlos Torrejon/EPA

The Bolivian president, Evo Morales, has announced his resignation after almost 14 years in power, following disputed election results that have led to weeks of unrest. In a televised address, Morales said he was stepping down for the good of the country, after the military withdrew support for his government. But he also claimed the police had an illegal warrant for his arrest and warned that dark forces have destroyed democracy.

  • Leftist icon. Morales, a socialist and Bolivias first indigenous leader, was the last surviving figure from the Latin American pink tide that brought leftwingers to power across the region around the turn of the 21st century.

Australia braces for its worst-ever week of wildfires

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Braving the blazes: dramatic footage of bushfires ravaging Australia’s east coast video

Australia is about to face the most dangerous bushfire week in its history, with Sydney, the countrys largest city, deemed at catastrophic risk for the first time ever under a bushfire ratings system, according to local fire chiefs. The premier of New South Wales has declared a week-long state of emergency as 60 fires burned across the state on Monday, 40 of them out of control and a further 50 blazed in Queensland, NSWs northern neighbour.

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Eva Longoria: As a ninth generation Texican, Im more American than Donald Trump. Photograph: Philip Cheung/The Guardian

How Eva Longoria took the fight to Donald Trump

The former Desperate Housewives star is about to become the first Latina to direct two major Hollywood movies. She tells Emine Saner how Trumps presidency has made her more committed than ever to activism. If we can aggregate enough citizens who love as strongly as those who are spewing hate, we have a chance.

The Somali-Americans celebrating two historic election wins

Safiya Khalid and Nadia Mohamed are both 23-year-old Somali-Americans who first came to the US as refugees. This month they won city council seats in Maine and Minnesota respectively, earning congratulations from Hillary Clinton, among others. Amanda Holpuch reports.

How to cultivate nunchi: the Korean secret to happiness

If youve ever wondered how some people are so popular at parties or why Koreans seem so socially adept Adrienne Matei says look no further than nunchi: the traditional Korean concept of situational awareness, and the subject of a new book.

Why having my portrait painted taught me to love my nose

Radhika Sanghani had always felt self-conscious about her large nose, until she asked an artist to paint her in profile. It helped her to appreciate the feature that had previously made her insecure and taught her that theres more than one type of beautiful.


Hong Kong and Chile feature highly on the annual indexes of economic freedom published by conservative thinktanks. Theyre also among the worlds least equal societies. So its no coincidence, says Quinn Slobodian, that both are being torn apart by protest.

All rankings hold visions of utopia within them. The ideal world described by these indexes is one where property rights and security of contract are the highest values, inflation is the chief enemy of liberty, capital flight is a human right and democratic elections may work actively against the maintenance of economic freedom.


The Seattle Sounders are the MLS Cup champions for the second time in four years, after seeing off Toronto FC 3-1 at CenturyLink Field on Sunday. The leagues original super franchise has made quiet efficiency its calling card, writes Graham Ruthven.

Manchester City are now nine points behind league leaders Liverpool after a 3-1 defeat at Anfield on Sunday, which Pep Guardiola blamed partially on a VAR call, but which Barney Ronay says was settled by more than marginal refereeing decisions. Here are 10 other talking points from the weekends Premier League action.

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