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Clumio , a 100-people start-up that provides a SaaS-like service for business backup, today revealed that it has actually raised a $135 million Series C round, led by existing financier Sutter Hill Ventures and brand-new financier Altimeter Captial. The statement comes soon after the business’s disclosure in August that it had actually silently raised an overall of $51 million in Series A and B rounds in 2017 and 2018. The business states it prepares to utilize this brand-new financing to “accelerate its vision to provide an internationally combined information security service in and for the general public cloud.”

Given the quantity of cash bought the business, opportunities are Clumio is getting near to a $1 billion assessment, however the business is not revealing its assessment at this moment.

The general objective of Clumio is to construct a platform on public clouds that offers business a single information security service that can deal with backups of their information in on-premises, cloud and SaaS applications. The business’s focus was on VMware on properties when it came out of stealth. Ever since, the group has actually broadened this to consist of VMware operating on public clouds.

“When someone transfers to the cloud, they do not wish to remain in business of handling software application or facilities and all that, due to the fact that the entire factor to transfer to the cloud was basically to avoid the ordinary,” described Clumio CEO and co-founder Poojan Kumar.

The next action in this procedure, as the business likewise revealed today, is to make it simpler for business to secure the cloud-native applications they are constructing now. The business today released this service for AWS and will likely broaden it to other clouds like Microsoft Azure, quickly.

The market for business backup is just going to broaden in the coming years. We’ve now reached a point, after all, where it’s not unusual to speak about business that run countless various applications. For them, Clumio wishes to end up being the one-stop-shop for all things information security and its financiers are certainly purchasing into the business’s vision and momentum.

“When there’s a fundamental modification, like the relocate to the cloud, which is as fundamental a modification, a minimum of, as the relocation from mainframe to open systems in the 80s and 90s,” stated Mike Speiser, Managing Director at Sutter Hill Ventures . “When there’s a modification like that, you need to re-envision, you need to believe and refactor of the world the brand-new world in a brand-new method and go back to square one. If you do not, what’s gon na wind up occurring is individuals make choices that are brief term choices that look like they will end however work up being architectural dead ends. And those business never ever wind up winning. They simply never ever wind up winning which’s the chance today on this huge shift throughout numerous markets, consisting of the backup market for Clumio.”

Speiser likewise kept in mind that SaaS enables a considerably bigger market chance for business like Clumio. “What SaaS is doing, is it’s not just enabling us to go after the standard Silicon Valley, high end, direct selling, costly markets that were formerly purchasing high-end systems and information. What we’re seeing and we’re seeing this with Snowflake and [ ] we will see it with Clumio exists’s a chance to pursue a much more comprehensive market chance.”

Starting next year, Clumio will broaden that market by including assistance for information defense for a very first SaaS app, with more to follow, along with assistance for backup in more clouds and areas. Now, the service’s public cloud tool focuses on AWS and just in the United States. Next year, it prepares to support global areas.

Kumar worried that he wishes to develop Clumio for the long term, with an IPO as part of that roadmap. His financiers most likely would not mind that, either.

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