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Fintech startup Bunq is launching a metal card called the Green Card. While some banks offer a cashback program with premium cards, Bunq is offering a special kind of “cashback”. For every €100 spent, Bunq plants a tree. The company has partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to finance reforestation around the globe.

Manufacturing a metal card isn’t particularly environmentally friendly. That’s why the Green Card expires after six years instead of four years. It is also made of recyclable material (even though I’m not sure it’s that easy to recycle a metal card with a chip, a magnetic stripe and an NFC antenna after it expires).

Other than that, the Green Card works more or less like the Travel Card. While Bunq offers traditional bank accounts, you can order a Travel Card or a Green Card and keep your existing bank account.

The Green Card is a Mastercard without any foreign exchange fee. The company uses the standard Mastercard exchange rate but doesn’t add any markup fee.

While the Green Card is a credit card, it doesn’t work like normal credit cards. You don’t get a direct debit on your bank account once a month to cover your credit line. Instead, you have to open the Bunq app and top up your Bunq account — topping up your account with another card may incur some fees, more details here. If you don’t have enough money on your account, the transaction gets rejected like a debit card.

The Travel Card costs €9.99 to order the card. There’s no monthly fee after that. The Green Card costs €99 per year. Bunq charges €0.99 per ATM withdrawal but you get 10 free withdrawals with the Green Card.

The company is selling a limited edition today with “Founders Edition” engraved in the top right corner but the first batch is nearly sold out:

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2019/11/28/bunq-launches-metal-card-and-plants-a-tree-for-every-e100-spent/