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Theres currently some artwork selling on eBay for $4,420.69. At least thats the current bid as of this writing. And although that exact figure might have been chosen as a joke (420 and 69 are always good for a laugh), a quick look at the bidding history indicates that people seem very serious about acquiring this particular piece of art.

And who could blame them? Take a look for yourself.

The sketches were created sometime around 2006 for a video game called Zybourne Clock, which never came to be. Its creator, according to most sources, fired the one person on the team with actual game development experience and the whole project quickly fell apart.

The team behind the game came together on the Something Awful forums. Back then, Something Awful was the go-to place online for all things geeky, satirical or, for that matter, funny. Memes like Slender man and All Your Base got their start on the site.

Into this world came a SA user named Rex Meteorite. This persons real name, perhaps mercifully, doesnt seem to appear on any of the few remaining sources about the games history. They proposed an adventure game set in a steampunk type world. At the games center was an object called The Zybourne Clockan amazing invention that allowed one to travel through time. As descriptions and artwork of the game began to appear on the forums, they were roundly mocked, and its pretty easy to see why.

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