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Charity worried for well-being of birds, nicknamed Cluck Norris and Coo-lamity Jane

Two pigeons have actually been identified in Las Vegas using small stetson.

While numerous have actually been entertained by the sight of the birds, with social networks users excitedly reporting sightings given that a video was very first published to Facebook in early December, there are issues for the well-being of the animals. The birds have actually been seen in between McCarran worldwide airport and the University of Nevada .

Mariah Hillman, who deals with the regional animal rescue charity Lofty Hopes, stated the hats were glued on to the pigeons. “When we saw them today, you might see some loose plumes in the glue around the hat. It’s certainly an issue,” she stated.

Opening with the exclamation: “These fucking birds have hats on, brother!”, a repost of Bobby Lee’s Facebook video of the set has actually currently gathered 2m views on Twitter. Observers have actually called the 2 birds Cluck Norris and Coo-lamity Jane.

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