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(CNN)From the December 15, 2019 show: You can read Fareed’s essay “The New China Scare,” from the new issue of Foreign Affairs, here.

From the August 19, 2018 show: You can read Fareed’s full New York Times review of Adam Tooze’s “Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World” here.
From the April 22 show: For more on Literacy Partners, visit their website here.
    For more on the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy click here.
    And to find out more about Room to Read click here.
    From the March 19 show: For more on the previously classified maps discussed in our Last Look, you can visit the CIA Flickr account here.
    From the October 2 show: Joseph Lelyveld’s “His Final Battle: The Last Months of Franklin Roosevelt” is Fareed’s book of the week. “Lelyveld tells the gripping story of a man at the peak of his power, literally running the world, but whose heart was steadily collapsing. You know how it ends, but because of the intelligence and empathy of the author and very good writing, you will not be able to put this book down.”
    From the September 25 show: Fareed’s book of the week is Jonathan Tepperman’s “The Fix: How Nations Survive and Thrive in a World of Decline.”
    From the August 7 show: Fareed’s book of the week is “ISIS: A History,” by Fawaz Gerges. Fareed says: “This is quite simply the definitive book on the group by a very smart, well-informed guide to the region.”
    From the July 10 show: Fareed’s book of the week is Bryan Stevenson’s “Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption.”
    From the June 19 show: Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” is Fareed’s book of the week.
    From the June 5 show: Fareed’s book of the week is Ruchir Sharma’s “The Rise and Fall of Nations.”
    From the May 22 show:The American President,” by William E. Leuchtenburg, is Fareed’s book of the week.
    From the May 15 show: The book of the week is Rana Foroohar’s “Makers and Takers: The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business.”
    From the May 8 show: This week’s book of the week is Joshua Cooper Ramo’s “The Seventh Sense.”
      From the August 30 show: Make a rhino, save a species? For more information on efforts by Robert Breare and Jan Stejskal to “develop the IVF techniques needed for a new generation of northern white rhino,” visit their GoFundMe page here.
      From the July 26 show: Fareed speaks with climate scientist James Hansen, former director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies about his new paper on climate change and an article in the Washington Post featuring some analysts skeptical of his predictions.

      Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2015/06/13/americas/fareed-zakaria-gps-links/index.html