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Moscow (CNN)Russia’s leading diplomat has stated the timing of his current White House conference with President Donald Trump was a “coincidence.”

“I think that it was a coincidence that our conference was hung on the day when your house Committee released the impeachment treatment,” Lavrov stated in an interview that very first aired on Russia’s Channel One on Sunday.
“… it is a custom of Russian-US relations that when the chief diplomat checks out the capital city of the partner he is gotten by the president. It is an enduring custom.”

        ” Not just do Americans grossly breach the UN Charter by declining to adhere to the UN Security Council’s binding resolution however they likewise rather rudely resolve the needs to the Islamic Republic of Iran, a nation with a one-thousand-year-old civilization, customs, and an enormous sense of self-respect.”
        CNN has actually connected to the White House and the National Security Council for remark.

      Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/25/europe/lavrov-trump-interview-intl/index.html