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The crash of the Boeing 737, which was run by Ukrainian International Airlines, took place throughout departure from Tehran’ s airport simply hours after Iran fired rockets at 2 air bases were U.S. soldiers had actually been stationed — however no U.S. casualties were reported.

The aircraft, which was bound for Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, had 167 guests and 9 team members aboard. Those eliminated consisted of 82 Iranians, 57 Canadians and 11 Ukrainians, authorities stated.

The variety of Canadians was modified from a formerly reported figure of 63.

Iranians who’ ve emigrated to Canada regularly take a trip back and forth in between the 2 nations, the Globe and Mail of Canada reported. Kiev is a regular stopping point due to the fact that no direct flights run in between Canada and Iran, according to the paper.

On Friday, Canada’s foreign minister had actually revealed the launch of a worldwide effort to push Iran for an extensive examination into the reason for the crash.


The U.S. had actually guaranteed “ proper action ” would be taken following its decision that the airplane was downed by an Iranian rocket.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated Thursday that intelligence sources show the airplane was shot down by an Iranian rocket.

The Associated Press added to this story.