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Another year, another resolution. If you have trouble sticking to new routines, these apps may make the transition to healthier habits a touch more bearable.

Whether youre trying to eat more healthfully, be more active, take time to be mindful or manage expenses, the Daily Dot has got you covered with our roundup.

New Years resolution apps:Physical health

Nike Training Club, free with in-app purchases

If youre looking for a high-intensity workout with an accountability system, look no further than Nike Training Club. This app offers workouts ranging from strength training to yoga, as well as wellness tips and nutritional advice to enhance your results.

Carrot, free with in-app purchases

This walk-to-earn app allows users to trade in points (earned for each step they take) for Carrot Coins, which can be traded in for gift cards to popular retailers like Nike, Macys, and Whole Foods. Carrots digital currency can also be used to enter contests and compete with other users.

Sworkit, free with in-app purchases

For those who cant necessarily leave home to workout, the Sworkit app shows users how to exercise without fancy gym equipment. The app boasts 300 unique workouts and 400 different exercises.

New Years resolutions apps: Mental health

Calm, free with in-app purchases

If your main concerns are winding down after a long day, or mindful movement such as stretching, and meditation, the Calm app is just right. The app also offers masterclass audio programs from mindfulness experts aimed at teaching users how to bring mindful purpose into their daily lives.

Headspace, free with in-app purchases

For those focusing more directly on the exercise of mediation, Headspace may be a better fit. The app provides a free 10-day Basics pack, to show you the ropes of meditating. Once the trial period runs out, the paid version of the app will help you build a solid foundation for a lifelong practice of mediation.

Aloe Bud, free with in-app purchases

This mental wellness app has a soft aesthetic to bring a little *uwu* into your life. The app tracks when you complete different self-care activities such as drinking water, eating, and has push notification reminders to help make sure youre taking care of yourself.

New Years resolution apps: Financial health

Catch Benefits, free

If your resolutions include moving to a freelancers schedule, Catch Benefits can help you set aside funds to pay your taxes and stay temptation to overspend. Catch can also help budget for a vacation if youre looking to travel, or even retirement if the future is on your mind.

Intuit Mint, free

With a live look at your financial summary, Intuit Mint keeps track of your accounts, credit score, and credit offers you may be eligible for. This app combines banking with credit management to alert users to less obvious changes in financial stability.

Clarity Money, free

Clarity money allows users to analyze their finances and make better decisions about how to handle their money. Compatible with most major banking institutions, Claritys automated expense tracking can help users get back on track with their finances.

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