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(CNN)50-year-old Lewis Pugh was horrified when he plunged into East Antarctic water in absolutely nothing however a speedo, swim cap, and safety glasses. He was a lot more frightened when he swam listed below the Antarctic ice sheet, through melting tunnels.

” [The swim] was frightening for a variety of factors,” Pugh stated, “First, the water is so cold for a swimmer. It was 0 degrees centigrade, simply above freezing. Likewise, it highlights really graphically what is taking place in East Antarctica.”
Pugh stated he was inspired by a September 2019 research study that found over 65,000 supraglacial lakes on East Antarctica’s ice sheet.

    “I’m stating to world leaders please, concern Glasgow, come there with a great deal of aspiration,” Pugh stated, “Step up, or step aside, since we just do not have anymore time on our hands.”
    Pugh just recently took his message to the Kremlin, where he tried to convince the Russian federal government to develop a marine secured location in East Antarctica. Pugh states that global law needs 25 countries to concur, and all of them have actually consented other than Russia and China.
    He is confident that Russia will accept this offer later on in the year.
    “We got ta move far from the talking, and now begin taking the action,” the activist stated.
        Several years back, he worked out with the Russian federal government in an effort to produce a marine secured location in another part of Antarctica, the Ross Sea. The location ended up being a marine maintain in 2016, he experienced a level of resistance that he did not experience in this settlement. He described that time as “a various world.”
        “There was no such narrative [of environment rejection] now, when I remained in the Kremlin,” he stated, “Governments all over the world now are starting to comprehend the severity of it, and how it will affect every among us, in each and every single nation, and likewise the entire of the animal kingdom.”

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