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Welcome to Pisces season! Things just got really f*cking emotional. The Sun heads into watery Pisces this Tuesday the 18th, meaning things are about to get deep and fast. (Get it? Water? Deep? You get it.) Anyway, Pisces season is all about being emotionally open to the world around you and letting yourself be affected by the emotions and vibes of others. Basically, it’s the embodiment of the “I’m crying because you’re crying” mentality. Be sure to put some extra tissues in your bag. You’re gonna need ‘em.


You always remember to charge your phone, so why don’t you remember to recharge yourself? The start of Pisces season might be making you feel a bit foggy, but that’s just your brain telling you it’s time to slow it way, way down. You can only coast on low power mode for so long, and you’re in danger of hitting 0% while you’re still on your commute home. Set aside time this week to do absolutely nothing and give your body and mind the recharge time it needs.


The Sun in Pisces is making you crave collaboration, so don’t be surprised if you feel a little off doing anything without your squad. You know that old joke about women always going to the bathroom together? That’s you this week. You need a buddy for just about everything, and any second you’re alone with yourself feels 10 years long. Hopefully you have a pet (or a roommate) to help keep you entertained at all times.


Pisces season has you hyped on your career, so you’re definitely going to want to take advantage of that ASAP. This is the time to really dive in on your professional goals while you have the extra motivation to do so. Remember, Spring is just around the corner, at which point, all your motivation will be taken up by juice cleanses and trying to get your rich friend to invite you to their beach house.


Pisces season has you wanting to explore the world, so you may find yourself perusing cheap flights, or fantasizing about saying “f*ck it all” and becoming the au pair to a family of wealthy-yet -dysfunctional French millionaires. For those who can’t just drop everything and become the mentor to a pair of twins named Maxime and Ophélie, live vicariously through others by indulging in some travel channel or Google Earth-ing the real locations of all the Bachelor fantasy suite.


You typically thrive when surrounded by other people (preferably who are listening to your hilarious stories), but this month Pisces has you flying solo, Leo. The only person you want to spend time with these days is yourself, so why not honor that and plan some solo activities? Take yourself out to a movie. Buy a whole large popcorn. Eat it with no judgement and then go home and fall asleep alone and unbothered… even if that means making someone else sleep on the couch.


Lucky you, Virgo! Pisces season has made spring come early, and you are cruising for a fling. Don’t be surprised if a promising new relationship appears in your life, and that doesn’t just go for romantic pairings. Be on the lookout for promising pairings at work or in your social life, where someone could pop up that you actually want to get to know. Making new friends as an adult? And they said it couldn’t be done.


Fire up the skillet and bust out the Blue Apron discount codes. Pisces season has you wanting to get creative in the kitchen, whether you’re a person who meal preps every week (teach us your ways) or someone who has never successfully made toast (let’s start a support group). Spend one night this week making an amazing meal just for yourself, even if that ultimately just entails cracking an egg over some Top Ramen.


Did Valentine’s Day disappoint, Scorpio? Worry not. Pisces is keeping it very, very sexy for your sign all month long, so don’t throw that Skims Valentine’s Day set in the trash just yet. You’ll be firing on all cylinders romantically this month, so choose your targets wisely. You don’t want to waste your talent on some rando from the apps when the person of your dreams is right across the bar. Though, of course, you could always just do both.


Welcome to your season of domestic bliss, Sagittarius! Pisces season has you wanting to spice up your home space, so yes, there are some Pinterest projects in your future. Warn your housemates now that there is a 99.9% chance of them coming home to find you’ve completely rearranged the living room. Basically, you’re going to be living vicariously through the Wayfair website for the foreseeable future. Adjust your budget accordingly.


Here’s a novel concept, Capricorn: asking for help. This Pisces season, open yourself up to the possibility that other people out there have wisdom to offer you, and you don’t necessarily have to do everything alone. Re-examine some of your preconceived notions about the people around you. Are all of your coworkers idiots, or is it just 8am and you’re accidentally drinking decaf? The answer may surprise you.


It’s clean up time, Aquarius! And I’m not just talking about the loose takeout containers around your apartment. Pisces season is helping you to clean up the mess that is your life by bringing in some much needed structure. How’s your morning and night routine looking? Could probably use some work, huh? Wipe the dust off your day planner and see how it feels to add some structure to the beginning and end of your day. It’s better than rolling out of bed at the last possible second, or staring at your phone right up until it’s time for bed. Trust me.


Welcome to your season, fishies! Now is the time to be your best Pisces self. Sure, Mercury is in retrograde, but you can deal with that later. This season the whole world is ready to celebrate your unique, empathic self, meaning you won’t be the only person in your friend group who gets wayyy too invested in each Bachelor contestant’s personal sob story. For once, everyone will be as sensitive to the vibes of the universe as you, meaning you won’t have to explain as much when you want to leave a bar for “bad energy.” Enjoy it.

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