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Prior to the South Carolina main, Russian state media were promoting Senator Bernie Sanders as the most likely Democratic candidate, and it will not be unexpected if they do the very same after Super Tuesday.

There are numerous factors they like to promote Sanders, none a credit to him. And they truly do not like Joe Biden. As Russian state media frequently make completely clear, Donald J. Trump is their option– and even their “”representative.””

So, reporting from the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC 2020

, Russian state media reporter Denis Davydov of Rossiya-1 with confidence explained “Comrade”Bernie Sanders as President Trump’s”primary competitor in the race. “

In the 2016 U.S. governmental elections, Russian state media highly backed both Sanders and Trump. Unique Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of the St. Petersburg giant farm, called the Internet Research Agency (IRA) comprehensive how its operatives were advised to”utilize any chance to slam Hillary and the rest(other than Sanders and Trump– we support them). “

In 2018, Russian state media consisted of Bernie Sanders in its line-up of”Russia’s good friends,”along with Dennis Kucinich, Dana Rohrabacher, Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Mike Flynn.

Sanders made the list since in 2012 he voted versus the Magnitsky Act , a piece of legislation looking for to enforce sanctions for the Russian federal government’s extrajudicial killings, abuse, or other human rights infractions dedicated versus people looking for to promote human rights or to expose unlawful activity performed by authorities of the federal government of the Russian Federation.

In 2017, Senator Sanders voted versus legislation that enforced sanctions versus North Korea, Iran and Russia. The costs was gone by Congress in action to Russia &#x 27; s disturbance in the 2016 United States election, along with its human rights offenses, addition of Crimea, and military operations in eastern Ukraine.

“Benediktov described prospect Sanders as the &#x 27; Nutty Professor, &#x 27; &#x 27; a careless Jewish intellectual, &#x 27; and &#x 27; a senior socialist &#x 27; with extreme views.”

In 2019, Bernie Sanders was the sole senator to miss out on the vote on an expense that would avoid the U.S. Treasury Department from rolling back sanctions on 3 business owned by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a close ally of Vladimir Putin . Senator Sanders avoided the vote in order to satisfy with previous team member who communicated their discouragement over the supposed mistreatment of ladies throughout his 2016 project.

But Sanders’ballot record is not the sole factor for Russia’s reported efforts to increase his governmental quotes in 2016 and 2020. His project is extensively viewed by Russian specialists as an advantage for Trump’s re-election.

In 2019, when Bernie Sanders revealed his candidateship, expert Dmitry Drobnitsky informed RT(previously Russia Today )that if”Socialist Sanders “winds up as the Democratic Party’s candidate, Trump “would consume him for breakfast.”The understanding stays the exact same today, with Russian state media– a reputable barometer of the Kremlin’s perspective– explaining Bernie Sanders as the perfect challenger for Trump since he ‘d be beaten with ease.

Writing for RT on February 25, 2020, historian and political expert Kirill Benediktov speculated that disallowing unexpected advancements, Trump’s re-election is”inescapable. “In 2016, Benediktov, together with other Russian experts and activists, popular Trump’s election as”an excellent triumph”and “the genuine reset of the Western world.” In his 2020 essay for RT, Benediktov described prospect Sanders as the” Nutty Professor,””a careless Jewish intellectual”and”a senior socialist”with extreme views.

” When it fits them, Russian state media trot out radiant profiles of Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.”

Benediktov dismissed the candidateship of Pete Buttigieg due to the fact that of his sexual preference and utilized President Trump‘s preferred insults and negative labels, panning”Elizabeth’ Pocahontas’Warren”and Amy Klobuchar as “losers.”

Russian state media are worried about Mike Bloomberg and his monetary reach, explaining him as the possible “dark horse”in the governmental race. Previous Vice President Joe Biden stays the Kremlin’s least preferred alternative.

It would be an error to believe Bernie Sanders is by any methods Russia’s”Manchurian prospect.”His worth to the Kremlin is as an interfering with force whose candidateship advantages Trump. Governmental enthusiastic Tulsi Gabbard, who typically appears on Fox News to slam the Democrats, is viewed in the exact same light.

When it fits them, Russian state media trot out radiant profiles of Sanders and Gabbard . They have traced Sanders’socialist leanings to his youth, keeping in mind that his older bro, Larry, presented him to the works of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. The host of state TELEVISION program, The Evening With Vladimir Soloviev, has explained Sanders as a”leftist Grandpa, “an extreme Trotskyite”spoon-fed by Lenin,”the similarity which are extinct even in the post-Soviet states.

” State media experts explained previous Vice President Biden as a &#x 27; political remains. &#x 27;”

The leader of the Russian Communists, Gennady Zyuganov, stated :”Bernie Sanders did not unintentionally go into the upcoming elections. This is a leftist individual who shares socialist views and concepts. It is not in vain that Trump is attempting to bring down those propensities. We are strong on the planet and society, consisting of the American one.”

Russian experts and experts were visibly inflamed by Bernie Sanders ‘action to the reports of ongoing Russian disturbance in the U.S. governmental elections. They kept in mind that President Trump never ever hid his pro-Russian leanings, while prospect Sanders attempted to require that Russia avoid of the American elections– a remark Benediktov referred to as”vicious.”

Appearing on the federal Russian channel TVC, political researcher Sergei Sudakov made the point that unlike other American political leaders, “Trump never ever slammed Putin in his whole life.”TVC host Alexey Frolov asked Sudakov to hypothesize whose election would be more helpful for Russia: Donald J. Trump or Bernie Sanders. Sudakov sided securely with President Trump, anticipating that he will continue to pursue much better relations with Vladimir Putin and Russia, keeping in mind that it’s constantly much better to stick to”the Devil we understand.”

The Russian state media network Vesti is showcasing a lineup of short articles and videos about U.S. elections with a basic motto : “America selected Trump, “a heading that betrays the Kremlin’s not-so-subtle choice.

The weekly program International Review on state tv network Rossiya 24 presented its section about U.S. elections by declaring:”In spite of such a wealth of options, there is no other option– this is why America is choosing Trump. “

The Kremlin’s many feared prospect, previous Vice President Joe Biden, has actually been panned as somebody who stands no possibility of being chosen.

> Russian state media actively distributed conspiracy theories about Joe Biden and his boy Hunter, while pressing Ukraine to adhere to President Trump’s needs for an examination, and these efforts to reject Joe Biden were commonly viewed as an effective operation. State media experts and specialists explained the previous vice president as a” political remains.”

After his definitive main success in the South Carolina &#x 27; s Democratic governmental main, Joe Biden exclaimed:”We are quite alive.” And it was clear the Russian state media did not wish to hear that. Hours after the outcomes of the ballot can be found in, they hesitated to acknowledge the result. State media channel Rossiya-24 briefly pointed out that Joe Biden”appears to be leading up until now” in the South Carolina’s main, focusing its protection , rather, around Tom Steyer leaving of the race.

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