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Jana Kramer is defending herself after online critics slammed her recent decision to travel with family amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Although the public has been

The drama began on Friday when the 36-year-old actress posted a selfie to her Instagram and asked followers for fun, kid-friendly recommendations in Canada. She wrote:

“Canada bound tomorrow for almost a month to film a movie. And the whole fam is coming with…..what are good things to do with the kids in Ottawa and Quebec City?!?!? ( also I’m aware people are saying stay inside and not leave but I have to film and do my job and I just got off the phone with my producer that everything is a go for now)”

Despite showing a bit of self-awareness with the latter part of her caption, people were quick to condemn her in the comments section!

The responses included messages from Canadians who advised their cities were being shut down amid the outbreak to others who questioned her judgement call:

“Not sure it’s a good idea to even be going, starting in April they will we doing a 4 week quarantine just like the one in Italy so you won’t be able to get back home if you leave…

“A lot of stuff is cancelled right now di to the corona virus scare! Any gathering with more than 250 people is cancelled :(”

“Probably stay inside right now”

“I get why you’re going but WHY RISK YOUR KIDS AND HUSBANDS SAFETY!! That seems crazy…you go and they stay and be safe. Wouldnt any mom think this is just a no brainer?”

As you’re likely aware, a growing number of Hollywood productions have been halted in response to the global pandemic. While Jana didn’t disclose which movie she’s working on, and even if the filming location is deemed safe, we’re struggling to understand why she’s being put in this position anyway!

The following day, Kramer took to her IG again to address the haters! She explained:

“For all the hate that I’m getting right now on my feed post about leaving, No. 1, I’m not just, like, going on vacation. I’m going to film a movie. I understand other productions have shut down, but where I’m going, apparently, there’s no cases. Everything’s fine.I also know if I don’t show up, I could get sued.”

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