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(CNN)For the majority of this long slog, we have actually ended up being utilized to President Donald Trump proclaiming the virtues of the Constitution when discussing why he sees the federal government as a “backup” to the states.

OK, we got it. He’s desires the states to lead.
Until Monday early morning, when he chose to take charge. In a tweet , he informed us, “It is the choice of the President” about whether to open the states, not the guvs, whom he enables he will continue to work “carefully” with.’

    In reality, the guvs have actually been the ones handling the crisis, and handling around the President. On Monday, as the President was tweeting his “I’m-in-charge” message, the guvs of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were holding their own pressers to lay out a technique to returning to work. To put it simply, not waiting on Trump.

    Throughout this crisis, Trump has actually liked to blame the states: If states weren’t getting test results back quick enough, it’s their own fault. “States can do their own screening. States are expected to be doing screening. … We’re the federal government. We’re not expected to base on street corners doing screening.” Or, the federal government is not your rescuer. “The federal government is not expected to be out there purchasing huge quantities of products and after that shipping. You understand, we’re not a shipping clerk.”
    Of course, the federal government has actually ended up being a shipping clerk, purchasing masks from business like 3M and Honeywell International Inc. And the states have actually been delegated contend versus each other for life-saving devices. And if the guvs are great and determine how to please the wannabe king they might get what they require.
    Only this has to do with the security of Americans; it’s not a video game of “Survivor.”
    Trump proclaims the virtue of Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis , who mistakenly permitted spring breakers to remain on the beaches . (Battleground state, anybody?) And he sounds downright surprised when he permits that Govs. Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California have actually done a great task. Perhaps since they’re Democrats? And clever ones, who have actually taken care to play whatever video game they require to play to get what they require for their homeowners.
    After all, there was no consistent Defense Production Act to provide the guvs themselves some convenience. A number of them chose to assist each other with products and not let the President divide them.