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Two Southwest Airlines aircrafts clashed Saturday night while they were pressing back from their particular gates at Nashville International Airport. The airline company informed AP in a declaration that no injuries were reported in the crash, however pictures from after the occurrence appear to reveal some damage sustained by a minimum of among the 2 jets.

Southwest spokesperson Michelle Agnew informed AP that the winglet of Southwest Flight 1555, which had actually been bound for St. Louis, “ entered contact ” with the winglet of Southwest Flight 4580, which had actually been arranged to fly to Atlanta. (A winglet is the little, upturned part at the end of an airplane’ s wings.)

A picture taken by a guest aboard the Atlanta-bound flight appeared to reveal the other airplane’ s harmed winglet following the accident. The pointer of the winglet — and the letter “ S ” from the word “ Southwest ”– had actually been duped.

Associated Press
This picture taken by a traveler onboard a Southwest Airlines flight to Atlanta on Saturday appears to reveal the damage sustained by another Southwest Airlines aircraft after the 2 jets clashed.

The aircrafts had the ability to go back to evictions “ under their own power ” and were secured of service to be assessed, Agnew stated.

Passengers on the 2 airplane were placed on other flights to continue to their prepared locations, CNN reported .


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