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2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Gov. Steve Bullock (D-Mont.) posted a video of former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci unwittingly (kind of) endorsing his candidacy on Thursday.

Bullock, who is polling near the bottom of the wide-array of 2020 Democrats, posted a video Scaramucci made on the website Cameo, which allows people to get personalized messages from celebrities or other high-profile people for a price.

In the video, Scaramucciwho has had a recent falling out with his former boss, President Donald Trumpappears to unwittingly endorse Bullocks bid to take on Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Steve B, just got booked by the Mooch! We support you Steve B. I know you got a tough race ahead of you. But youve done this before. You know how to win, Scaramucci says in the video. Just keep putting one boot in front of the other and march ahead. Im behind you 100 percent. See you at the finish line.

Bullock explained in a series of tweets that Scaramucci didnt know who paid him $100 for the video through Cameo. The Montana governor then used the bit to make a point about money in politics.

You know whats really spooky this Halloween? The fact that a former Trump White House Communications Director will say anything you ask him to for $100, Bullock wrote on Twitter. Mr. Scaramucci didnt know the source of the $100, but he allowed it to enter his wallet despite the potential consequences just like how our broken campaign finance system allows Dark Money to enter our elections & influence our politics. A frightening tale indeed!

Scaramucci didnt seem to enjoy the prank from Bullock, saying that the money spent on the video would be more than your campaign is going to have if Bullock drops out of the race.

Its $100 more than your campaign is going to have when its over and to think it goes to charity! @BookCameo Happy Halloween Governor! he tweeted.

While Scaramucci didnt seem find humor in it, many others did.

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