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The unexpected event triggered the Airbus A320’ s inflatable slide to release on the tarmac, as 86 frightened guests “ shrieked ” in confusion, according to the Daily Mirror . The wrongdoer was rapidly selected by air travel authorities, eliminated from the airplane and apprehended.

Local media explained the guy as a “ crazed immigrant ” who was “ apparently intoxicated, ” per the Mirror. His door-destroying stunt is stated to have actually triggered over $19,700 in damage.

The wrongdoer, imagined, was rapidly determined by air travel authorities, gotten rid of from the airplane and apprehended. ( ViralPress )

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Though flight WE169 was arranged to leave at 3:40 p.m., the event postponed departure by about an hour and twenty minutes, The Sun reports, as authorities&examined and securely closed the fire escape door.

On Thursday, a Thai Smile flight WE169 from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Bangkok was preparing to taxi when an unnamed male guest blew up in an unusual outburst and ripped a fire escape door tidy off its hinges. (iStock)

One witness regreted that the “ intoxicated ” guy ’ s odd outburst triggered “ a great deal of drama and a hold-up.”


On behalf of Thai Smile, a subsidiary of Thai Airways, a representative for the moms and dad business excused the unanticipated turn of occasions.

“The occurrence took place when the airplane will leave from Chiang Mai International Airport for Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, ” they stated.”After the airplane door had actually been effectively closed there was an await a taxi to remove.

“A foreign male guest went to open the fire escape door beside the left wing of the aircraft. The occurrence triggered the emergency situation door to be opened totally and an emergency situation slide unfolded, ” the representative continued.

A picture of a Thai Airways aircraft. Thai Smile Airways is a subsidiary of the Thailand flag provider. (Reuters)

“The captain right away suspended the flight and informed ground authorities and security workers to manage the event. The foreign male was apprehended however it is not yet clear what his inspiration was to do this.”


An associate for Thai Airways was not instantly readily available to use more talk about the event.